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What’s Your Vitality Plan?

Building financial security and maintaining health are consistently listed as top aging concerns for adults over 55. Most of us know creating a financial portfolio (make a plan, balance assets, make regular deposits) is important to ensure lifelong financial security. But what about your vitality? Do you have a plan? Have you considered what “assets” …

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Budgeting for a Successful Retirement

Three different budgets retirees should be managing to experience optimal satisfaction in the golden years You have worked hard your entire life and you have finally made it- it’s time to enjoy retirement!  What should be your first order of business in your new lifestyle of ease?  A cruise?  A road trip?  Punch the snooze …

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Woman Wellness: a model for heart healthy living

Diet:  Balance your plate Eat a balanced whole foods meal or snack every 4-5 hours Eat your calories do not drink them If you drink alcohol limit it to 1 beverage per 24 hour period – alcohol in moderation raises HDL cholesterol – the good cholesterol 12 oz glass of beer 5 ounce glass of …

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4 Reasons Why MRC The Crossings was the Right Decision for my Mother

My mother made the decision to move into The Crossings about two and half years ago.  This decision was made thoughtfully, after serious deliberation and research into her options.  Here are 4 reasons why we are certain that she made the right decision.   Security – She felt that The Crossings would meet her needs …

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A Caregiver’s Message

My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s four years ago.  Within a few months of her diagnosis, I began caring for her full time with a routine unsatisfactory to both of us. I gave up being social. I gave up traveling. I gave up taking care of myself, and I neglected the rest of my family to …

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Hurricane Harvey: Memories Linger One Year Later

In the late afternoon hours of August 25, 2017, a Category 4 storm named “Harvey” began rolling into the Houston metro area. It would eventually dump more than 50 inches of rain and strike the Texas coast with winds up to 130mph. The storm brought unprecedented amounts of rain to an area stretching from the …

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Active and involved — Older Americans increasingly bypass the rocking chair

Each May, the Administration for Community Living celebrates aging through Older Americans Month. The message is simple: Getting older doesn’t mean what it used to. Improved healthcare and lifestyle habits added 30 years to Americans’ life expectancy during the 20th century. The extra years have ushered in a phase of life where interests, goals and …

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