Meet all your health care needs without leaving home.

It’s no secret that we as humans thrive in familiar and positive environments; that we heal better with people we know; and when we’re happy, we feel less pain. These and myriad other considerations make it clear: Seniors living together in a community of friends with a continuum of health care providers available is a far more successful arrangement than the alternative. Because the alternative’s exhausting and goes like this: When a health concern arises, each senior is taken here, there and everywhere for therapist after doctor after nurse specialist after therapist after doctor after therapist, ad infinitum. Whew!


Thus, the CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community) was born. And a little bit later, its infinitely superior cousin, the CCRC with Life Care, e.g., The Crossings — came along.

As an Independent Living resident, you have priority access to the continuum of health services, including Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, Memory Support and Rehabilitation. All your standard senior health care services in a single location: 255 N. Egret Bay, League City, TX.

Not an Independent Living resident? Not a problem. You can have access to Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, Memory Care and Rehabilitation too, and with no entrance deposit. Market rates apply, as does this word: Welcome!

Want to know more about our Bay Area senior health care services? That’s easy. Contact us. Because whether you’re already an Independent Living resident looking for a higher level of services, or you’re anywhere outside Woodland Creek at The Crossings and need any of our health care services, we’re eager to start a conversation.

Assisted Living

When a little help with the tasks of everyday living restores confidence and maintains independence.

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Memory Support

Following the onset of memory loss, including Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of age-related dementia.

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Skilled Nursing

When, for any reason and at any time, your health takes a turn, and you need a licensed nurse around the clock.

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After surgery, illness or injury, when your body needs help to heal and remember how to be its best.

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Drop us a note to learn about the health services in any of our levels of living.

Independent Living FAQs

When you think your loved one may need more assistance than Independent Living provides, start with a physician’s evaluation. Once medical and daily living needs are assessed, our professional team will meet with you and your loved one to answer questions, provide information, and help you reach the best decision for your loved one and your family.

Our Assisted Living options are ideal for people who can still live independently but need extra assistance with daily tasks – taking medication, bathing, dressing, meals, housekeeping, transportation and other everyday needs. A trained licensed nurse and certified nurse aides are available 24/7 to provide an individualized level of support, while helping your loved one preserve an active lifestyle filled with friends, neighbors and family.

Dementia refers to the loss of cognitive functions (thinking, reasoning, the ability to remember) that are severe enough to interfere with a person’s daily functioning. Dementia itself isn’t a disease, though it often accompanies diseases like Alzheimer’s. Dementia is irreversible when caused by disease or certain injuries. It may be partially or fully reversible when caused by drugs, alcohol, depression or imbalances in substances such as hormones or vitamins. In contrast, Alzheimer’s disease is responsible for 60%-80% of dementia, per WebMD and other sources. It’s a progressive, degenerative brain disease that affects parts of the brain that control thought, memory and language. 1 in 8 people over age 65 has Alzheimer’s, and it affects women more than men.

In a Skilled Nursing neighborhood, residents who require intensive therapies to manage well-being and health receive professional, compassionate support from licensed medical professionals, including RNs, LPNs, certified nurse aides and certified medication aides. We also offer custom programs that encourage maximum social interaction and preserve dignity.

Rehabilitation is short-term Skilled Nursing for those who need greater care while recovering from a hospital stay, and those recovering from illness, injury, surgery or stroke. Your team will include a doctor, nurse, social worker and dietician, together with therapists who’ll provide care, guide the rehabilitation process, and work in partnership with you and your family members.