Plan ahead

Plan ahead.

Life needs a plan, that's why there is life care.

Life Care is sensible planning for your health, family and estate. Simple, secure and predictable, it’s smart planning for an unknowable future. When you have a greater than 50% chance of needing future care, not making a plan is a risky move. Don’t risk it, consider Life Care.


Life Care is a smart plan that begins with a 90% refundable Entrance Deposit which will vary based on which apartment home you select. Smaller floor plans will carry a lower cost than larger apartments, but all pricing is set annually by evaluating the average home value in the League City area. While this amount is similar to that of a home value, 90% of this cost will be refunded when you leave, giving you a predictable amount to expect for your estate.

Naturally, you’ll also have a monthly fee due each month to cover the cost of the services, utilities and benefits that are paired with your residency. One of those primary benefits is the Life Care plan itself. This means that you not only have guaranteed occupancy for future healthcare when you need it but, you will pay a rate that is established by averaging the Independent Living monthly fees. The most surprising part is that you will pay that same fee no matter how your care needs progress. We call this an equalized rate because the rate is flat. It doesn’t matter if you transition from the Assisted Living to Memory Support or even to the costliest care setting, Skilled Nursing, it’s all one rate- it’s equalized. This gives you financial predictability which ultimately equals superior estate preservation.

Let's face it, even wealthy estates are brought to their knees under the crippling costs of healthcare. Meanwhile, those who have a Life Care plan have a more secure future, and that’s the whole point isn’t it? Building a plan for you, your spouse, your family and your future? There is no doubt about it, Life Care is for planners. Are you ready to plan with The Crossings? Give us a call and we can walk you through everything you need to know.

Life Care FAQs

 Do I own my Independent Living apartment home?
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 What will I pay to enter the community?
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 How is my monthly fee calculated?
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 What if I live to be 111 and I run out of savings? Tell me the truth, please.
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Live with independence.

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