Live well

Live well.

Wellness, a cure for the ordinary

Wellness, a cure for the ordinary.

This is the life. Living well, mind and body nurtured, with your friendships rewarding and your adventures creating new and wonderful memories. That’s life at The Crossings, where all active adults — and even those who aren’t as active — find fulfillment.

Our full-time lifestyle director watches over ever-changing programs of empowerment and personal growth. Note our Men’s group, for instance, a “Yes, of course!” idea that, oddly enough, is rarely found in senior communities — and is quite popular in ours.

Beyond your own personal projects, here are some ways our lifestyle director can help make your life richer by offering opportunities galore for learning, playing and working with friends:

  • Bible studies
  • Chapel services
  • Excursions for shopping, appointments and entertainment
  • Lectures
  • Library groups (shhh!)
  • Men’s group and Women’s group
  • Outdoor gardening
  • Tai Chi
  • Travel planning
  • Visiting artists
  • Water aerobics
  • Woodworking
  • Yoga

Successful aging means staying active mentally, spiritually and physically — we know that. So do you, in fact, because a successful life such as yours has meant balancing family life, career, social life and spirituality. Retirement is one of life’s major rebalances, and putting wellness first doesn’t necessarily come naturally. For more about how wellness is the balancing factor, just drop us a note.

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