Bon appétit

Bon appétit!

When it comes to your appetite, we aim to please

FRESH, Bold cooking, everytime.

Executive Chef Markcus prepares menus with bold flavors and enticing aromas that make “eating in” a much better idea than “going out.” Our team brings their very best to the table in culinary talent and skill which is why they bring their best to the plate as well. Our expert culinary team gives just as much consideration to presentation as he does the palate, so you’ll be proud to bring guests to taste and see your new home.

With ever changing menus that consistently carry resident favorites along with new dishes, you’ll find that options are plentiful. You’ll also have your choice in venue. Ready for an evening of full of conversation with friends while savoring each course? Our restaurant is the place for you! Need something quick and tasty to satisfy your hunger without slowing you down? No worries, our Bistro allows you to get a quick bite or you can even grab-and-go.

Do you have special dietary needs? Let Executive Chef Markcus know and he will make sure you are taken care of. Excellent dining is our passion and we are determined to get it right, that’s why our residents always have a voice in the menu. Is your tummy rumbling yet? Drop us a note and we will set up an opportunity for you to try our food for yourself.

A word from our Executive Chef- Chef Markcus
“Working with food is my passion and seeing elders smile is my greatest desire.  At The Crossings I get to work with fresh ingredients to create dishes that taste like home. I sign my name to every plate that comes out of the kitchen.  Excellence is our standard and what our residents have come to expect.”

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