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You’ve got it all wrong!  Top 3 myths of Independent Living

Are you ready for some real talk?  Some hard truths?  Well, here it is, YOU HAVE GOT IT ALL WRONG!  That’s right, you’re wrong about so many things when it comes to living in an Independent Living Retirement Community.  Don’t worry, we are here to set the record straight.    

 You think it’s where you go when you are in poor health or dying.

Um…no.  Try again. If you are moving into an Independent Living community because your health is failing or you are nearing the end of life, you have waited FAR TOO LATE!  You don’t come to a retirement community to die, you come here to live. If you are waiting for a health crisis to make the move, sorry, but you have got the wrong impression.  In fact, if that is the cue you are waiting on, you’ll likely miss the Independent Living boat all together.  Many communities have a health screening process to ensure you are capable of thriving in the setting without additional support.  Residents in Independent Living communities around the country would likely echo in unison saying, “Don’t wait until it’s too late!  Come while you are healthy!”  And for good reason!  Once you move in, you’ll realize that there is so much do, so many ways to stay busy and engaged, that you won’t want your poor health to slow you down.  And what’s worse, you may grieve the wasted years that you could have been here, but chose to struggle in your home until your health declined, and now, these limitations prevent you from fully enjoying the community. Timing really is everything.

 You think it’s too expensive.

Ok, let’s be honest here…it’s not cheap.  That’s true.  But what you may fail to consider is the cost of aging in your home paired with the likelihood of future care costs.  When you choose to move into an Independent Living community offering a Life Care plan, you can actually establish a predictable rate for healthcare that remains flat, no matter how your needs may escalate overtime. Not only does your plan create predictability, but the cost of healthcare is dramatically reduced.  For example, rather than paying $9,000+ for Skilled Nursing someday, you might pay approximately half that price.  And why?  All because you lived in the Independent Living neighborhood preceding your need for care.  The Life Care contract with these incredible discounts is made possible because of the largely refundable Entrance Fee that is paid upon entry into the community. While this amount is likened to the price of a home ($230,000 and up depending on the floorplan), it is also 90% refundable. Therefore, the real cost is roughly 10% of the total, unlocking predictable, discounted rates for future healthcare.  So, Independent Living isn’t “cheap” by any means, but it actually creates superior estate preservation when compared to the market rate cost of care that can cripple even the financially strong throughout the aging process.  Many find that when they take the time to understand the offerings within the Life Care contract, it is more cost effective than the alternatives and offers more peace of mind with a smart plan for a more affordable future without all of the guess work.      

 You think it’s full of OLD people.

Hmm…where do we start with this one?  Sure, you will run across some centenarians, but you’ll also meet some folks in their 60’s and70’s.  But before we go any further, what’s the hang up with age?  Haven’t you heard?  Age is a state of mind!  Those 100 year olds you meet may be the sharpest tack in the bunch with jokes, stories and energy galore.  Don’t be surprised if you see a 100-year-oldleading the pack during the walking club’s laps around the community or organizing the community volunteer group. You see, aging is something we are all doing, just on different timelines.  Don’t belittle the person using a walker or cane, those tools are simply evidence that they are still getting out there, living life to the fullest. Instead, consider the person who resigns to the arm chair and gives upon new adventures.  Which is really the “OLD” person?  Which one is aging well and which is simply aging? When you visit a retirement community and dare to say, “It’s full of a bunch of OLD people,” think again. Instead, reset your perspectives because what you may see with a renewed view is a group of folks dedicated to a lifestyle enhanced by socialization, intellectual stimulation, and purpose.  They are living in community with one another, one of the most dignified and satisfying ways to navigate aging.  Besides, this group may have tapped into a powerful truth about life, it is best lived with one another.


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