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Woman Wellness: a model for heart healthy living

Diet:  Balance your plate

  • Eat a balanced whole foods meal or snack every 4-5 hours
  • Eat your calories do not drink them
  • If you drink alcohol limit it to 1 beverage per 24 hour period – alcohol in moderation raises HDL cholesterol – the good cholesterol
  • 12 oz glass of beer
  • 5 ounce glass of wine
  • Include a fatty fish in your diet 1-2 times per week – salmon, halibut, herring, tuna
  • Include calcium-rich foods 3 times per day and vitamin D3 supplements

Exercise:  Move daily – ideally 60-90 minutes in 30 minute intervals for weight management

  • Weight training:  2-3 times per week on every major muscle group
  • Cardio:
  • 30 minutes daily for heart health
  • Range-of-motion:
  • 2 times per week
  • yoga, Pilates, deep stretching exercises

Psychological Health:  Do something for your mind every day

  • Practice meditation
  • practice deep breathing exercises:  5/5/5
  • Breathe in for a count of five
  • Hold your breath for a count of five
  • Breathe out for a count of five
  • Write 1 positive statement about your day each day

By Veronica Juarez, RD, LD, CDE –

Veronica is a registered and licensed dietitian and certified diabetes educator.  She served as a Media Representative for the Texas Dietetic Association from 2007-2010 and 2010-2013.  Veronica holds two degrees, one in Biology from St. Mary’s University at San Antonio and one from the University of Houston in Human Nutrition and Foods.  She completed her dietetic internship at The University of Houston, which is one of the most competitive internship programs in the country.

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