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Winning the Downsizing Battle- How to Use The Minimal Touch Method

Are you overwhelmed at the thought of downsizing? Well, of course you are! Who wouldn’t be? Now, before you begin to spiral emotionally at the thought of sorting every single item you own into piles, allow us to introduce the minimal touch method.

You see, you don’t need to touch everything you own- not by a long shot! Instead, follow these steps for the optimal downsizing experience:

Step One: Identify only what you want to take

You already know those items that you never wish to part with. Perhaps it’s items like your grandmother’s tea kettle, your wedding quilt, and your family photo albums. These are your sentimental must-haves. Set them aside and begin considering your practical must-haves. For example, your coffee maker, bed sheets, pots and pans, and other staples of a home. The trick here is to only touch what you know you want to take. If it doesn’t make the cut for your must-haves list, either sentimental or practical, leave it be. Don’t even touch it! The minimal touch method significantly reduces the time and energy you are putting into the process while also eliminating the emotional toll it takes to make a decision about everything you own.

Step Two: Identify family gifts

For some, this is the right time to invite family members to come in and make claim to anything that it meaningful to them. For others, a free for all isn’t wise given the family dynamics. Instead, identify the items that you wish to gift to them.

Step Three: Call in the professionals

Now that you have removed the must-have items that you know you wish to take, as well as gifts for the family. You can arrange for a reputable, estate sale company to come in and help you rid yourself of the items you do not wish to bring to your new home. The tip here is to leave everything as it was. There is no need to pull all the dishes from the cabinets or empty the linen closet. This is what the professionals will take care of. Let them do their thing. They will arrange everything for the estate sale and cut you the check once the sale is over. It can be that easy. *If you can, it can be helpful to move into your new home and spend a week or two getting settled into the space before you host your estate sale. This way, you have time to decide if you have room for the little foot stool or the wall art you left behind.

Step Four: Donate the rest

The last part is easy. Whatever didn’t sell can be hauled to the nearest charity. Many times, the estate sale company will manage this piece of the process as well.

 The downsizing process can be much more manageable when using the minimal touch method and can leave you feeling far less overwhelmed. Naturally, there are other tasks associated with the downsizing process like packing critical paperwork, changing your address and arranging for utilities to shut off. Click here to access a helpful downsizing and moving guide to make sure you don’t skip any critical steps.

Written by Jill Janes, MRC VP of Sales and Marketing

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