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The 4 C's of The Crossings New Outpatient Rehabilitation

You might be wondering- What exactly is outpatient rehabilitation? Outpatient rehab allows patients to come in for appointments with their physical, occupational, or speech therapist when they don’t need inpatient skilled nursing care. This also allows individuals to continue care with their therapists even after being discharged from inpatient rehab. Read below to find out how The Crossings provides the 4 C’s with outpatient rehab therapy: Consistency, Care, Coverage, and Comfort.

1. Consistency of Care

Often, patients will begin care in our inpatient rehab. Now, those individuals will be able to continue care with our therapists here at The Crossings even after returning home. This allows for continuing care plans, ensuring the best possible outcome.

2. Care for our Community

Not a resident here at The Crossings? No problem! Our rehab therapists are now able to provide care to anyone who needs it. Whether you are looking for physical, occupational, or speech therapy- we’ve got you covered.

3. Coverage

Now that we are licensed to care for those needing outpatient rehab, we are able to accept a wider range of insurance providers- covering the care you need.

4. Comfort of Home

Whether your home is down the road, or in one of our independent or assisted living neighborhoods, patients can come to their appointments and return to the comfort of their own home after.

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