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Recognizing Ready- 3 signs you are ready to make the move to Independent Living

Are you ready? Um....yes....no....I don't know...

Why so indecisive? Well, moving from your large, lovely home is a major change! Not to mention all of the STUFF you'd have to sort, give away, trash, or sell. YIKES!

But is it the chore of the move that is holding you back? Or is it something else?

Sure, the move is a big, overwhelming job, but the psychological change necessary may seem even more impossible and can interfere with our ability to take the leap.

Many people feel some sense of giving up when they even contemplate taking up residency in an Independent Living Community. Some have said that they feel they are giving up their sense of independence or losing their freedom. The irony is, those who have actually made the move would tell you, that is exactly what they gained in the process, more independence and freedom.

Here are the top 3 signs you are ready to make the move that you may not even recognize...yet.

1. You don't own your house, it OWNS YOU!

If you find that you spend way too much of your hard-earned retirement time and energy maintaining a home, you might be ready to make the move. When you clocked-out for the final time and rode off into the retirement sunset, did you imagine so much of your time would be spent negotiating repair work on the house, keeping up the lawn, or managing all of the odds and ends that come with home ownership. Sure, you might be the homeowner, but by the looks of your checkbook, busy schedule, and sweaty brow, it appears the house might own you. If you are ready to ditch the home maintenance, moving to a retirement community might be the path to find the worry-free lifestyle you have been dreaming about.

2. You don't have meaningful things to do each day.

Have you found that days seem to drag on with boredom and a pinch of loneliness? This is not only a sign that you could benefit from the socialization available within community life, but it is also a sign that your health may be at risk too. According to the National Institute on Aging, health related problems like depression, heart disease, and cognitive decline are all firmly linked to loneliness in older adults. Life at a community can provide as much privacy as you wish, but when you are eager to jump in on a service project, share a meal with peers, or play a game of cards, it is only steps away from your front door. This makes it a breeze to connect, even in nasty weather. There is simply no reason to live with perpetual boredom and loneliness, join a community that offers an instant cure, connection! But don't be surprised when along the way you also discover new passions and purpose as new opportunities abound.

3. You don't have solid plans for future care.

Now for the more ominous point to consider, future care. The probability that you will require skilled nursing care in the future is nearly 70% according to an online article by Market Watch Guide. So, ignoring this statistic simply isn't wise if you consider yourself a planner. Along with residency at LifeCare communities like The Crossings in League City, comes the peace-of-mind that every level of care you might need in the future is available and guaranteed, along with a significant discount compared to market prices. Many who make the move feel this may be one of the more persuasive reasons to do it proactively, before your needs are more apparent. Largely because it alleviates the burden from your children or spouse to make these big decisions and it secures a plan that is simple to follow if the time comes. The decision is made, occupancy is guaranteed at a top-quality care community, and all at a discounted rate. Simple and smart.

If any of our top three signs hit a nerve with you, it might be time to start packing boxes. Are you ready? Maybe you are.

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