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Heartfelt Appreciation for Superb Care During a Very Different Time

Q & A with our Independent Living Residents

For several months, life has been very different. So, we took to the hallways of our independent living neighborhood and asked our residents a few questions about life during COVID-19. With complete transparency, we must say we were completely humbled by all of the responses received! Here’s a sampling from our recent survey:

What would you say has been the most beneficial part of being a resident at MRC The Crossings during COVID-19?

  • Making sure our needs are met; spoiling us and keeping us busy.
  • Food delivery to our door and the wonderful care all the staff has given to us to keep us safe.
  • Feeling safe from the virus.
  • All the thoughtful care you give us. Following CDC suggestions. I am much better off than if I were still in my home.
  • The peace of mind knowing that the leadership personnel and staff did not hesitate to implement CDC guidelines and go beyond to ensure that all residents remained as safe as possible. We thank you all so much.

What has been your favorite physical distancing lifestyles event that has taken place?

  • Organized events such as the Scavenger Hunts, Putting Contest, and Walking Competition.
  • The weekend activity packets made me realize that I LOVE coloring the art pages!
  • The Napa Valley Wine & Beverage Train – The Ice Cream Delivery – The Ambassador visits
  • Many residents expressed their enjoyment of the Memorial Day Balloon Release.

Is there anything else you would like us to know?

  • Thanks for delivering meals to our doors and for always asking, “how are you doing?” And saying, “let us know if you need help.”
  • Fortunate not being in a home alone and still having to do everything maintaining a home requires. Everything we have to have, is provided.
  • I like to practice and play the piano in the chapel. With nothing scheduled in there during this time, I have not had a problem finding time to use that very fine instrument.
  • This has given me time to write my own story. Started a writer’s club.
  • I started a prayer shawl. When finished, it was 12 ft. instead of 6 ft. I’m now working on a wheel chair robe.
  • Thanks to the kitchen staff. Having to package every little thing must be so hard on them. It was work just to pack lunches for my kids, years ago!
  • During COVID-19, we have had the opportunity to get to know our immediate neighbors much better. After receiving our wine on Tuesdays, we have visited outside each of our doorways and talked about our growing up experiences, places we’ve lived and traveled, hobbies and current events. It’s a real neighborhood!

Found several times throughout each survey, were countless thank-yous, kudos, and shout outs to every area in our beautiful and compassionate community. Yes, as the saying goes, it takes a village. However, acts without love are nothing. We truly love our residents, we love what we do, and we work well together to be true to MRC’s mission of serving all seniors with quality care.

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