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Choosing to Move to MRC The Crossings – Best Choice My Parents Made

Smart Move for My Parents

In April 2016, at the recommendation of a friend, our mom and dad moved from an Independent Living facility in Deer Park, Texas to Assisted Living at MRC The Crossings, a beautiful well maintained community. Their friend, who is an Independent Living resident there, told them that they would love The Crossings, and he was absolutely correct.

Dad Continues to Thrive and Enjoys Daily Socialization

Mom passed on July 2, 2016, so dad has been living without her since then. However, living at The Crossings means that he is far from being alone. Dad has daily interaction with the friendly, caring and conscientious staff. Being a very social person, he also enjoys a variety of the fun activities provided. He looks forward to going to the dining room to visit with other Assisted Living residents and the staff. He also enjoys the planned activities such as poker, dominoes, bingo and more. Being a proud World War II veteran, the recent Veterans Day celebration at The Crossings made a big impression on dad. He went on and on about it when describing it to me! It made me happy that it made him so happy.

Proactive Care to Protect Health and Wellness

When the pandemic invaded our country, The Crossings leadership-management proactively sprang into action and developed controls to protect the health and well-being of our loved ones. My sisters and I are very appreciative of the seriousness with which management and staff have approached the pandemic. It gives us a sense of ease. We also appreciate the creative ways in which they have minimized the potential negative impact on the mental health of residents. Special kudos to the Lifestyles Coordinator for her creative ideas when masks and social distancing are critical. It has been my experience that all the staff at The Crossings have stepped up during this challenging time to create a sense of community.

 Those of us with loved ones living at MRC The Crossings are extremely fortunate.

Scott Haiflich, son of Bill Haiflich(Assisted Living Resident)

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