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Air Dad

At some point in your life you’ve probably spent a few dollars on a game of air hockey at a local arcade. What you might not realize is that the table sport is fast-growing and quite competitive, with several countries now slated to participate in the World Championship games this August in Houston.

Among the U.S. competitors will be League City’s own Michael Cummings, ranked 17th on the world stage, and his sons, Colin and Connor, ranked number 1 and number 3, respectively. The elder Cummings is the healthcare administrator at The Crossings.

“Our residents have enjoyed cheering us on the last time the World Championships were broadcast on ESPN,” said Cummings. “They’re already getting excited to do the same this year.” The trio is gearing up to compete again in this year’s World Championships, held in Houston. Cummings said the sport continues to grow on the national stage. “Since the pandemic we’ve been working hard to build up the sport nationally and beyond,” he said. “Players from Russia, Spain, Canada, Venezuela and more will be at the Championships.”

Cummings reflects on the unique bond he shares with his sons, “It’s certainly special,” he said, referring to the fact that all three are nationally ranked in the sport they love. Colin Cummings is an Air Force Lieutenant based in San Antonio and recently learned he’s being deployed to Hawaii. That makes the opportunities to see one another during air hockey competitions even more special.


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