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A Caregiver’s Message

My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s four years ago.  

Within a few months of her diagnosis, I began caring for her full time with a routine unsatisfactory to both of us. I gave up being social. I gave up traveling. I gave up taking care of myself, and I neglected the rest of my family to help Mom.

In my heart and prayers, I spent a lot of time weighing options for Mom. I did not want to fail her. Watching her struggle each day was devastating, and I could not cope. Because I could not fully grasp how limited she was, I expected too much from her. And I expected too much from myself. Sure, I was helping Mom survive, but I wasn’t providing her the quality life she deserved.

Two years ago, she moved into Memory Support at The Crossings, where she now receives specially designed care, and both of us are smiling again.

In her new home, Mom is thriving.  She sings and dances again due to the innovative Music & Memory program. She plays games, enjoys crafts, bakes, and has her nails done. The staff members at The Crossings are honoring who she is now, and the care they’re providing is customized to what she wants, needs and has earned.  No day is the same.

I feel like I have my Mom back.

A note from our Senior Living Counselor:

You probably know someone who is a caregiver. Maybe it’s you. We can help make this your story, too.

Conversations like this echo throughout our halls, because Memory Support at The Crossings provides a nurturing, comforting, happy and secure home to all of our residents, while offering the therapies and activities important for a quality lifestyle.

Our doors are open. Come have a cup of coffee, and learn what sets us apart.  

Use the Contact Us form on our Memory Support page to set up a visit.

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