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4 Reasons Why MRC The Crossings was the Right Decision for my Mother

My mother made the decision to move into The Crossings about two and half years ago.  This decision was made thoughtfully, after serious deliberation and research into her options.  Here are 4 reasons why we are certain that she made the right decision.

Security –

She felt that The Crossings would meet her needs and give her a feeling of security, and we children gave her our support of her plan.  I can say that our expectations have been met and I think that living at The Crossings has helped her maintain a high level of independence.

Socialization –

She’s motivated to be a true friend and neighbor to the other residents, she enjoys the many activities, and I’ve seen her thrive.  Knowing that mom is surrounded by her peers each day rather than experiencing isolation brings us great joy and brings her a sense of purpose and belonging.  It’s fantastic seeing mom living life to the fullest.

Full Continuum of Care Available

I think the fact that The Crossings is a life care community with every level of living translates into a more stable community for mom as she ages.  We have peace of mind knowing that she will have the support she needs along the way and at a great value too.

Great Staff –

Much of the charm of The Crossings is due to the great staff.  They are unfailingly warm, helpful and professional.  Knowing my mom is surrounded by a team that truly cares means more than words can express.

Making the move was clearly a good choice for my mother, and I’m pleased for her to be in such a happy and positive place.  Now my mom has security, new friends, peace of mind, and is surrounded by great staff.  There is no doubt that moving to The Crossings was the right decision for mom.

By Beth Papasakelariou, happy daughter

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